2HD Lashes® is the new generation of eyelash extension line exclusively for professional user who wants only the best quality, seeking for the maximum and lasting results.

2HD Lashes® are the quality standards-complying materials made according to the technology patented in the United States of America.

Eyelashes are especially black, therefore they provide a glamorous effect of density, extremely soft and flexible, so that their shape and curves remain unchanged under all conditions!

Special formula glue: Level I, Level II will meet the needs of each client. Glue is extremely durable, instantly drying, lasting up to 2 months! Does not cause allergic reactions, irritation. If necessary, artificial lashes can be removed very easily, without violation of natural eyelashes using 2HD Lashes ® solvent.

2HD Lashes® line is for a modern, busy client, looking for reliable and best performance. Masters, having successfully completed the 2HD Lashes® courses and passed theoretical / practical exam, receive a certificate, in the case of questions, they are regularly consulted, introduced with the innovations.


2HD Lashes® will never disappoint your expectations!