1. How does the procedure go on?

Eyelash extension procedure is initiated with the means of special materials cleaning your eyelashes (even clean!). To achieve a better grip, clean the layer of fat covering the hair. The lower lashes are covered with a special bandage or gel pads, so that during the whole procedure you can calmly lie with your eyes closed. During eyelash extension, one 2HD Lashes® lash is glued to one of your natural eyelash, until the desired result is reached.

2. Should there be a correction? When?

In order to enjoy the result of extended lashes, correction is required. Like all the body hair, eyelashes grow differently, in cycles. Some are growing, new are sprouting and the old ones fall out - this is called the cycle. Cycle changes in 45-60 days. However, the period before the correction is very individual, because it depends on your eyelash growth cycle, structure, thickness selected eyelashes length and thickness. It is also influenced by external factors. Most commonly correction is performed every 3-5 weeks.

3. How the extended lash correction is done?

During the extended lashes correction, special 2HD Lashes® solvent is used to remove the grown out artificial eyelashes. In their place new artificial eyelashes are glued. Also, artificial eyelashes are glued on the lashes left to grow during the previous extension or correction.

4. Is it possible after the eyelash extensions to live normal life?

- Yes, of course! After all this fun is designed for your convenience! 2HD Lashes® glue is waterproof, so when 12-24 hours pass after extension you can live a regular life: have a bath, exercises, sauna and solarium, fearing that no mascara leaks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Of course, a minimal maintenance is required (see question 5). For best results, we recommend not to moisten your eyes from 12 to 24 hours after lash application.

5. How to take care of the extended lashes?

Don’t moisten your eyes 12-24 hours after the procedure. Avoid contact with oil base (in the area of eyelashes). If you use mascara - it must not contain oil or glycerine. Use only water based makeup remover. Don’t pick eyelashes. Avoid direct water flow to the eyes (e.g. in the shower). Do not use eyelash curler (after all, before the eyelash extension procedure you can select already upturned lashes).

6. Can I glue 2HD Lashes® lashes by myself?

 No. Only a certified master can safely and with due quality glue the 2HD Lashes® lashes. Substandard eyelash extensions may seem artificial and unnatural.

7. Is it possible to carry out the procedure of eyelash extension for wearers of contact lenses?

Yes. However, it is recommended to remove contact lenses before the eyelash extension procedure.

8. Is it possible to paint the extended lashes with mascara?

One of the biggest advantages of the 2HD Lashes® is the enchanting effect, so you just don’t need mascara! However, if necessary, use of mascara is possible. It is important that the mascara does not contain oil or glycerine, mascara can in no way be waterproof. Recommended mascara is water-based.

9. Can eyelashes be extended, if the natural lashes are very light?

Yes, you can. No additional procedures before eyelash extensions are required.

10. What 2HD Lashes® eyelashes are made of?

2HD Lashes® line eyelashes are made of synthetic material that features exceptional lightness and flexibility, so your eyelashes do not get entangled. According to their structure and properties, 2HD Lashes® are identical to human hair.

11. Does the 2HD Lashes® damage natural lashes?

- No way! 2HD Lashes® glue is designed specifically for human hair. It dries instantly very gently nestling to natural lash.