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  • 2HD Lashes® KIT "MINI". Big savings!
    Professional eyelashes extension kit 2HD Lashes® MINI   1 x 2HD Lashes® cosmetic bag. 4 x  2HD Lashes® cases of eyelash extensions. Each case weights 0.5 grams and contains about 2500 eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions curvature and thickness is select..
    Ex Tax: £139.00 £159.00 £139.00
  • Case
    Case ..
    Ex Tax: £49.00 £49.00
  • available in Lithuania
    In the comments, please mention what kind of seminar is reserved. When the order is received - 2HD Lashes team will contact You and will provide the exact seminar details! ..
    Ex Tax: £29.00 £29.00