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2HD Lashes® - the company trains only the best professionals internationally.

2HD Lashes® trains several levels of masters:

       I basic "2HD Lashes® Basic"                         
        II advanced "2HD Lashes® Advanced"                  
              III expert "2HD Lashes® Experienced Master"


Why 2HD Lashes®?

2HD Lashes ® is a quality guarantee trademark! 2HD Lashes ® company’s main goal is to develop quality, not quantity.

We strive to train each Master individually – so that trainee would receive the highest possible level of attention and answers to all questions. The number of attendees is very limited during group trainings.

We value cozy atmosphere and try to provide maximum amount of information in the most optimal way and time. Training attendees actively participate, ask questions and learn, make mistakes and try repeatedly until succeeds. Our goal during training is to provide maximum information and to teach how to perform eyelashes extension procedure according to strict international standards.
We recognize that there is a lot of information to absorb during training. To help in the learning process, we created a “homework package” – Workshop Starter (summary of theoretical and practical material taught during training).

2HD Lashes® is a new generation of eyelashes extension line for professional use. Tools and materials are of the highest quality, complies to all safety requirements and do not cause any allergic reactions.

Why 2HD Lashes ® training?

2HD Lashes® is an eyelashes extension training for those who either want to improve existing skills or total beginners.

Training Courses stand out with special attentiveness to the attendees, because our priority is to work in small groups or individually.

There is always a possibility to choose: learn using a mannequin or a live model. The whole training is closely supervised by the teacher.


Teaching Program:

I part - theory + visual material + beginners guide for eyelashes extension is provided;

II part - practice.

Constant eyelashes extension consultations are provided after training course.



After successfully passing the test (theoretical part) and the exam (practical part), 2HD Lashes® training courses attendees receive 2HD Lashes® certificate.

Certificates are of three levels:
I "2HD Lashes® Basic"           
II "2HD Lashes® Master"    
III "2HD Lashes® Experienced Master"

There is a certain way to receive each level of certificate. For example, certificate I "2HD Lashes® Basic" is awarded to those future masters without any previous after they complete initial training.
Certificate "2HD Lashes® Experienced Master" is awarded only to experienced masters after they complete an individual qualification improvement courses in individual training.


Detailed Training Program:

• Theory + beginners guide for eyelashes extension is provided.
• Visual material.
• Eye design/form correction possibilities.
• Detailed introduction to work tools, expiration times, storage and usage specifics.
• Tools preparation for work.
• Eye diseases.
• Client eyes evaluation, consultation. Finding out client needs and expectations.
• Client eyes preparation for treatment.
• Eyelashes extension technique demonstration for the whole group and to each attendee individually.
• Practice, teacher's remarks and notes.

There is always a possibility to choose: learn using a mannequin or a live model.

The whole training course is closely supervised by the teacher.


After successfully passing of the test (theoretical part) and the exam (practical part), 2HD Lashes® training courses attendees receive 2HD Lashes® certificate and their information is put on website. Please check Find Master



All 2HD Lashes® training course attendees receive a permanent 15% discount for all 2HD Lashes® merchandise! Discount is valid for all the specials, too!


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