This is a highest 5 star master rating.

Only masters with no less than a 1 year of real work experience can apply for a certification and receive an 2HD Lashes® international certificate "Experienced Master".

Certification is hold in an individual workshop with only a master teacher.


Certification procedure:

Certification is hold one on one with teacher and a master only.

Certification  is hold only with a live model (live model is required).

Mutual cooperation (qualification improvement) agreement is signed before certification.

During certification pictures are taken before and after the procedure, which are stored in 2HD Lashes® archive.

During certification master's skills, work technique and level of excellence is observed. Participant receives a written summary of notes about his/her work  (positive as well as negative).

There are no grades during certification, but 94% of criteria's need to be met. Potentially, if 94% satisfaction is not reached, master needs to account for noted remarks and send his/her work pictures to prove the progress until certification is approved.

Participant can expect to get 2HD Lashes® company's awarded "Experienced Master" international certificate..


After certification master receives 2HD Lashes® company's "Experienced Master" international certificate, advertisement at 2HD Lashes®  web site, permanent 15% discount for all the merchandise.
Masters who successfully receive "Experienced Master" level are automatically elevated to the leading masters positions at 2HD Lashes® company's web site.
If master wishes, upon changing a residence,  master's contacts are updated or placed at our partner's web sites in different countries.


Important. Does a master needs to go through all "Basic" and "Master" levels in order to get "Experienced Master" certification?
No. A master can get "Experienced Master" certification immediately after "Basic" level or after similar introductory training course, but no less than a 1 year of real work experience is required with official documentation proving it.


An advance payment of 50 is required to register for a certification. Certification time is agreed upon individually after payment is received.

All the supplies needed for work are provided.

A one-time certification payment is 200€.


For more information, please call or email:

+370 61273206


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SEB bank
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