2HD Lashes® KIT "MINI". Big savings!

2HD Lashes® KIT "MINI". Big savings!

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Professional eyelashes extension kit 2HD Lashes® MINI


2HD Lashes® cosmetic bag.

 2HD Lashes® cases of eyelash extensions. Each case weights 0.5 grams and contains about 2500 eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions curvature and thickness is selected individually (!)

2HD Lashes® bottle of "LEVEL I" glue for eyelash extensions.

2HD Lashes® bottle of gel glue remover.

2HD Lashes® case of eyelash cleaning pads.

2HD Lashes® Silicone Pad.

100 2HD Lashes® micro-brushes.

10 2HD Lashes® eye gel patches.

10 brushes for eyelash care and brushing.

2HD Lashes® jade stone for the glue drop.

1 medical tape.

1 x 2HD Lashes® straight tweezers "Professionals".

1 x 2HD Lashes® curved tweezers "Professionals".


Kit enough for up to 100-150 procedures!


**Note: the exact contents of the kit can change, please contact us for details.